Brady Wetz

Drum and Piano Teacher
Ankeny, Iowa

Do you live outside of Ankeny and want drum or piano lessons? Already have a piano or drum set?

Brady will travel up to 15 miles from Ankeny to teach a lesson in your home. 

Wednesday and Friday - Limited availability for in home lessons

Times available determined by location.

Email for more details.

Travel Lessons

Lessons in Ankeny
Cornerstone Baptist Church

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays

"Learning to play a musical instrument provides a peaceful retreat from the pressures of daily life. Therapeutic outcomes of playing music include better communication skills, improved emotional release, and decreased anxiety and agitation. Musical training promotes cognitive function, mental health, and a connection to others" Source

Music for Better Mental Health

Music was a big part of my family - my dad being an accomplished musician and my brother being a worship leader. I've been playing both piano and drums as early as I can remember.

I started taking piano lessons at the age of six and haven’t stopped learning since then! At 15, I discovered my love for jazz piano.

My journey with the drums  began when I was seven. My older brother played in a band after school, and I spent much of my time admiring their musicianship.

I formed a bond with the drummer, which sparked my interest in learning the instrument.

Outside of learning piano and drums during lessons, I spent much of my free time learning music more in depth and independently furthering my skill and knowledge of theory, music composition, and song writing.

How it all Began...

After graduating from Grand View Christian School, I attended DMACC for graphic design and web development.

While working in that field for a few years and teaching lessons on the side, I discovered teaching music was what I really wanted to pursue. So I have been gaining experience and learning the art of pedagogy for both piano and drums and have been doing so for almost a decade.

Over the past several years I have taught private and group lessons, for myself and with other studios.

Those students have found great success under me, with some using what they’ve learned to play for their church, school bands, competitions, and recitals. I absolutely love teaching and helping students develop their own passion for music.

I grew up playing drums and keys for my church, performing in Jazz band, pep band, marching band, and concert band for my school.

I have also had the privilege of traveling with local musicians for concerts and worship events for multiple years. I played for multiple honor bands at Grand View Christian School.

I helped start up their jazz band program and their traveling worship team, and participated in many solo and ensemble contests.

How the Passion Grew...

My favorite thing to do is spending time with my wife and daughter. My wife and I like to watch movies and tv shows, talk about books and podcasts, go on walks, and play with our daughter.

Our daughter, Nahomy, loves to listen to us read books to her, play in the grass, and play on her mini piano. She brings us so much joy!

I am currently in school to be a piano technician. Much of my free time is spent learning more, being in classes, and working on repairing my own piano at home.

I also have a passion and interest in early childhood development and psychology. I love reading books and listening to podcasts on the topic and try to add much of what I learn into my teaching and parenting - things like motor function, self-expression, positive feedback, and child-led problem solving.

This is a field of study I hope to pursue in the future, in conjunction with teaching music. I also enjoy playing in my church's worship team, being with friends, playing piano with my family, drinking coffee, fishing, and developing new skills.

How I Spend My free time...

Music....the gift that last a lifetime

Learning Piano

The Christmas gift that started it all!

High School 

Drum and Piano Teacher
Ankeny, Iowa

Jazz Piano Playing

"We are so grateful to have discovered Mrs Shelia and Selah Music Studio!!
We appreciate how she encourages her students to use their talents to glorify the Lord. She clearly loves her students, and loves teaching! She makes learning fun, and my 6 year old looks forward to her weekly lesson! What a blessing Shelia has been in our lives!"

So Grateful

- Jennifer

"We started at Selah when Ingrid was 5 and have loved seeing her grow in her skills. Mrs. Shelia has made the lesson pace personal to her needs and has made the atmosphere so welcoming for her. We really love piano lesson days, and have been thankful for how learning piano has become a joy for our daughter."


Growing in her skills

"As a mom of three girls who have taken private and group lessons with Selah Music Ankeny, I've been able to see how each of them has blossomed into musicians in their own right over the years. My girls still sing fun warm up songs that they learned from Mrs. Shelia over 10 years ago.  Shelia has invested into the heart of our children both spiritually and musically.  We can't imagine what it would have been like to have music in our lives without her."

- Jenn


"I heard back from the music department at Dordt. I received two vocal music scholarships! Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my audtion. It helped me so much!"

- Rachel

Voice Audition Prep Student